Bus Accidents in Evendale

Traffic accidents occur with alarming frequency in villages all over the United States of America, including in charming villages like Evendale, Ohio. We tend to be very aware of our environment when we are behind the wheel of a vehicle. We know that only a few seconds of inattention can result in a serious road accident. Compare this vigilant feeling to how relaxed we are when we climb up the stairs to a bus and ready to take our seat. There is a professional driver at the helm, we are in a large, sturdy vehicle, and we feel secure. Like nothing could go wrong.

Though there is absolutely nothing wrong with relaxing on a bus trip, short or long, we should be aware that bus accidents do occur with some frequency. Let’s take the case of Ohio. The latest statistics, from the year 2011, tell us that buses with more than 16 passengers had a significant number of accidents in Ohio in that year. Accidents that resulted in 8 fatalities, 552 injuries and 1284 incidents of property damages. We know that buses are most often a safe way to travel. We also know that they do get involved in accidents. Just as other vehicles do.

If you find yourself, or a loved one, involved in a bus accident in Evendale, Ohio, you should know that bus accident law falls under an area of the law that is called Common Carrier Law. This area of the law deals with how businesses, be they public or private, conduct themselves as they transport passengers. The Common Carrier Law governs city buses, school buses, taxis, airplanes, cruise ships, ferries and light rail.

Bus drivers, as are operators of other forms of public transportation, have a huge responsibility in keeping their passengers safe. Under bus accident law, drivers are held to a standard higher than that are regular drivers. And it is precisely because their actions have potentially serious consequences for large numbers of people.

There are law firms that specialize in the laws governing bus accidents in Evendale, Ohio, just as there are in villages, towns, and cities all over the state. A simple phone call to a bus accident law firm is all that it takes to get some information about what you should do if you have the misfortune to be involved in a bus accident in Evendale, Ohio. Safe travels.

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