Bus Accidents in Ohio

Evendale, Ohio, by all accounts, is a charming village of a modest population. Such villages are nestled all over the northeast region of America. Avid anglers and lovers of fishing frequent Sharon Creek on warm afternoons.

Though this article focuses on when things go wrong in a sleepy village such as this, specifically bus accidents. We feel secure when we are comfortably seated on a bus, though buses are by no means immune to accidents.

Public transportation is to be celebrated in this era where we are all encouraged to do our part in reducing carbon emissions. And buses are an integral part of a well-structured public transportation strategy. As passengers, we trust that our bus driver and the company that stands behind her will protect us and keep us safe. Unfortunately, we know that sometimes things do go wrong. Occasionally tragically wrong.

The Ohio Public Safety Department regularly reports on traffic accidents in that state. The most recent figures are from the year 2011. In that year, Ohioan school buses were directly involved in  1, 447 accidents – they were indirectly involved in 255 more. 378 school bus passengers were injured in these accidents.

This is not to say that buses are less safe than cars in Evendale, Ohio. Not at all. In fact Evendale has fewer accidents, involving buses or other vehicles, than many other villages and towns in Ohio. But when we look at statewide incidents of bus accidents, we see that they occur with greater frequency than we would have imagined.

All drivers know that there are different kinds of accidents. They are accidents that they cause themselves, accidents that are caused by others and accidents that could truly not be prevented. In the case of Ohioan school bus accidents in 2011, we know that school bus drivers are recorded as being responsible for 655 of the accidents, while other drivers were recorded as being responsible for 693 of the accidents. We can say that there is a fairly even split between school bus drivers and other drivers when it comes to determining who was at fault.

Residents of Evendale, Ohio who find themselves or a loved one injured during a bus accident should know that they have recourse under the law. A simple call to a law firm that specializes in road accidents is all that is required to get the information one needs about how to proceed should such an unfortunate circumstance arise.

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